Sunday, August 5, 2007

I finished the cover sweater from the summer Interweave Knits and it's too big. I made the smallest size and tried to adjust for the fact that my bust isn't near 35 inches. I even added a few extra decreases near the top to try to keep it up on my shoulders. Nonetheless, it has quite a bit of room in the chest and slips off my shoulders. I can deal with the room in the chest, but I'm going to take out the ribbing on the yoke and possibly a repeat or two of the pattern at the top and reknit it with a smaller needle. But now, Sherlock Holmes is on MPTV and the mohair is calling me.

ps. My camera is in Ireland. Pictures will return when it does.

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that girl n said...

I have the opposite problem - I have shoulders *and* boobage (not to mention singer's ribcage), so end up with a truly ludicrous Oberweite, which many patterns don't really cater for. My current pseudojumper will just be scaled up directly from the L size, though, because I don't really trust myself enough with shaping yet.