Saturday, June 30, 2007

Socks in Nature

Two new socks have been completed recently. Memorial sock 1, and reading sock 1. An explosion in the self-inflicted reading list has caused a change of knitting plans. Kunegunde is patiently waiting for attention, which she is not receiving. Instead the sock yarn from the indiscretion earlier this month is rapidly becoming simple stockinette socks. Why? Because I can read while I'm knitting them. I can't read books or articles and an intarsia chart at the same time.I was innocently reading an article on early music writing in Europe when suddenly, a mess of new articles I thought I should read started popping out of the footnotes. It snowballed. Each new article generates several more that I should read; it feels like it's out of control. There must, however, be an end because earlier this week I went to the library for some early German neumes and ran into the local med-ren musicology prof. He was sitting in the library leisurely reading an article, as though he hadn't another care in the world. He had evidently caught up. Never mind that he entered musicology at least 30 years before I did and therefore not only was present for many of the important moments on my reading list (like the St. Martial Polyphony arguments), but also had a smaller corpus to read through before he could simply keep up with recent publications.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The sweater of doom

is now finished. Kunegunde can now be begun without guilt.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I've been sharing my towel rack and bathtub with yarn lately. This should be single ply sock yarn-- but my technique/accuracy aren't quite what I'd like them to be yet and it's not terribly even. It does, however, feel quite nice. I'd like to do something more creative than my standard stockinette socks with it, but I'll let it dry completely before I really start thinking about that.

The memorial socks are coming along nicely. I am enjoying the colours and have come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to see the type of contrast I wanted between the blue and the purple. You can probably see it, although I can't.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

While in Kalamazoo this weekend, I picked up some yarn for the memorial socks. The pattern is from Das Geniale Sockenbuch, Socken mit Norwegermuster. The original pair was made out of red, orange, yellow, and pink.

The new yarn is Sisu, which is machine washable... I like the colours I picked individually, but in this pattern I'm having trouble distinguishing between blue and purple (nothing new there...) I'll knit another repeat before I decide whether or not I should rearrange things.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

We regret to inform you

of the unfortunate felting of one of our favourite socks. Said sock hid in the cuff of a pair of pants and was found late Thursday evening, felted, in a laundry basket. The situation was too awful to photograph. Plans are in the works for a memorial pair using the same intarsia pattern but different colours and superwash yarn.

I've been back in Kalamazoo, this time for the Kalamazoo Klassic, where I placed respectably in the 5k competitive walk. Yes, I can walk faster than some people can jog. I'm not ashamed of this.

I finished a pair of children's socks from the left over Shelridge Farm yarn. I really enjoyed knitting with that yarn; I don't always love a yarn enough to make something out of the leftovers.

This is a new project -- illegal, because I haven't finished the sweater yet -- the yarn comes from the recent indiscretion...

Finally, Amys:

Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Toy

I got a spindle and half a pound of wool today! I've managed to spin some inconsistent singles... More on that later; I'm too busy playing!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

More socks...

Here are the completed Shelridge Farm socks. They will be making their way to their recipient via the scenic route early next week. They are being modeled by my dining room floor, as the cats refused to comply.
Yesterday's possible yarn indiscretion is still not being discussed.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

half off sale...

There may have been an indiscretion today involving the purchase of half a kilo of sock yarn and some mohair-merino lace weight. But we won't talk about that.

Friday, June 1, 2007


My tonsils hurt. All of the other symptoms from the recent awfulness have disappeared-- except for the pain the the back of my throat. I wonder if I should return to the doctor...

Knitting around here has been minimal. I've completed the Shelridge Farm socks and have knit the first of a brown pair in Online supersocke. I've already lost the band.

Amys is looking at the sock, wonder why I've moved it from between couch cushions (where it was happily wedged) to the floor in front of him. Really, I just think he's cute and want to post more pictures of him.

Kunegunde has been charted and yarn has been ordered. However: I have resolved that there will be no knitting of on this project until I finish my mother's birthday sweater and the 230 pages of reading left over from my May list. Which I should be doing instead of blogging...

Good night!