Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Milwaukee is too cold right now. I'm not intending to leave my house today, which should allow for a lot of knitting. I've been recently side tracked -- a friend of my sister talked me into knitting a tam and then my sister decided she needed one... Anyway, the green socks have been finished:

Mum is wintering her hibiscus plants in the dining room. She did this last year and swore never to do it again... Here are two of them; they look sweet and innocent in the winter sun light (some of the white in the background is snow...) but in reality, there are six of them and they're threatening to take over. The extent of this threat is evidenced by the removal of my humidifier from my room and its subsequent placement near the hibiscus.

Finally, a new sock. Since the textile exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum was closed when I visited, I spent a lot of time in the wrought iron section... The motif on this cuff is loosely based on a gate.

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