Monday, May 7, 2007

I had about 64 grams of Dream in Color left over from the previous pair of pink socks and since I love this yarn so much, I'm not going to let it sit in my stash. The skein was about 128 grams when I first got it, so I used half for the first pair, which were a larger size than I usually knit. I've been keeping track yarn usage by weighing the ball on my kitchen scale (which, admittedly, gets more use as a yarn scale than as a kitchen scale...). The stitch pattern comes from a German sock book --Das Geniale Sockenbuch-- I got a few years ago. It was published by Topp, but doesn't seem to have a publication year.

I'm off to Kalamazoo on Wednesday! I don't think there are any sessions on medieval knitting though -- neumes, to be sure!

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