Saturday, May 19, 2007

Neumes and a sock...

I've been sick all week with some sort of stuffy-nose-sore-throat-achey-body madness. It's wretched. However, I did produce some neumes for you. On the right, you see some quadratic notation. From the left, a C clef, a clivis (my favourite neume), a pes, a virga and a punctum. I don't normally work (academically...) with quadratic notation; I prefer the German neumes of the 14th century. However, wouldn't have been able to knit them with worsted weight yarn. Their base shape is a rhombus. I'll knit some when I have some fingering weight yarn in the necessary colours.

In sock news, the Shelridge Farm yarn mentioned in the previous post has become part of a sock:

I never get tired of plain, stockinette socks. I rather like this colour way; I think I'm in an unrelenting pink phase. I'm not upset buy the way it is sort of pooling and there's probably nothing I could do about that, save knit a pattern into the fabric. I'm using US2 dpns and I rather like the weight of the fabric produced.
And now, back to the unscheduled coughing that is taking up too much of my time...

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