Friday, June 1, 2007


My tonsils hurt. All of the other symptoms from the recent awfulness have disappeared-- except for the pain the the back of my throat. I wonder if I should return to the doctor...

Knitting around here has been minimal. I've completed the Shelridge Farm socks and have knit the first of a brown pair in Online supersocke. I've already lost the band.

Amys is looking at the sock, wonder why I've moved it from between couch cushions (where it was happily wedged) to the floor in front of him. Really, I just think he's cute and want to post more pictures of him.

Kunegunde has been charted and yarn has been ordered. However: I have resolved that there will be no knitting of on this project until I finish my mother's birthday sweater and the 230 pages of reading left over from my May list. Which I should be doing instead of blogging...

Good night!

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